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Florida state law mandates that the parent of a child has a duty to financially support the child, and a custodial parent may seek a child support order from the Florida family courts. Of course, there are many so-called “deadbeat” parents who nevertheless fail to comply with their child support orders. The parent might say that cash is running low or that he does not have sufficient employment to pay the child support payments, but neither of these reasons relieve him of having to pay the order. If he truly cannot pay the order, then he can seek a modification, but, without such a modification he is required to pay in full, including back payments. There are several strategies available to get a deadbeat parent to pay the child support payments they owe in Florida:

Contempt of Court / Jail

Under Florida law, a court can place a deadbeat parent in contempt of court for failing to pay the support payments he owes. This includes a civil contempt finding, and the payer cannot lift the contempt order until full payment is made. The parent also faces up to 179 days in jail for contempt of court.

Mandatory Job Training and Job Seeking

A Florida court can also require a delinquent parent who claims he or she does not have the funds to pay to 1) seek employment; 2) file periodic reports with the court regarding his or her attempts to find employment; 3) keep the court updated on work and income issues; and 4) participate in job training and employment programs.

Issue a Writ of Attachment or Garnish a Parent’s Salary

When a parent attempts to move property out of the state or otherwise conceal it from the other parent, the court can issue a writ of attachment on the property that will prevent the first parent from doing so. A court can also issue an order to a paying parent’s employer to garnish the parent’s paychecks in order to pay child support.

Suspend Paying Parent’s Driver’s License/Registration

Finally, a Florida court may suspend the driver’s license of a delinquent parent and/or his or her motor vehicle registration to compel full payment of child support.

Legal Help in Your Florida Child Support Action

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