For every drawn-out, dramatic celebrity divorce such as we saw last year with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, there are far more celebrity couples who announce their split at the same time that the divorce proceedings have essentially finalized. For example, when country singers Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced that they were divorcing in 2015, it was also announced that the divorce proceedings were finalized, with each party quietly taking ownership of specific property from the marriage and going their separate ways without any hint of delay or argument in the divorce. We all know people in our own lives who have experienced expensive, deeply challenging divorce proceedings, so why do some celebrity divorces – including those involving spouses with incredible wealth – resolve so quickly and in a relatively painless manner?

When Prenuptial Agreements Come in to Save the Day

The reason Shelton and Lambert (and many other celebrity couples like them) were able to move so quickly and quietly in resolving their divorce proceedings was because they had a prenuptial agreement in place. Through their prenuptial agreement, they were able to accomplish issues such as dividing their property between themselves, which in their case included a Nashville home and “sprawling Oklahoma ranch,” without having to go through the long, often challenging process of itemizing, appraising, and then reaching a fair and equitable split that often occurs in divorce proceedings.

Furthermore, they were able to keep their divorce proceedings secret, as having a prenuptial agreement can often mean that there are no public disclosures of sensitive private information regarding property and disputes within the marriage. Thus, we do not know fully what their prenuptial agreement included, but generally prenuptial agreements will resolve all matters regarding distribution of property and alimony, if any, to be paid beyond the divorce. Again, this results in less (if anything) to fight about in court should a divorce ever come to pass so that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can move on with peace, stability, certainty, and speed during a divorce.

Help in Creating a Florida Prenuptial Agreement

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