If you are married in Florida but have been thinking about divorce, or perhaps your spouse has brought up divorce, you may have tried to find more information about the divorce process, only to find yourself confused by the use of the term “dissolution” in many places in addition to the term “divorce.” So what is the difference between a divorce and dissolution in Florida?

A Divorce is Called a “Dissolution” in Florida

Your confusion can end here: “dissolution of marriage” is simply the term used in Florida law to refer to the termination of a marriage, which is what a divorce is. You may hear the full phrase “dissolution of marriage” or just “dissolution,” but, rest assured, both are referring to the divorce process. Even many lawyers and judges use the terms divorce and dissolution interchangeably.

The Two Types of Dissolution in Florida

Florida offers two types of dissolutions: 1) a simplified dissolution of marriage, and 2) a regular dissolution of marriage. In both types, the parties will work with the court to terminate the marriage, but the simplified dissolution is often shorter and less complex.

A simplified dissolution, however, requires both spouses to work together in an “uncontested” manner, meaning they cannot present disputes to the court for the court’s resolution. Many couples seeking simplified dissolutions will nevertheless work with an attorney or attorneys who can help them reach a mutually beneficial agreement, prepare the necessary documents and filings, and submit them to the court for approval.

In a regular dissolution of marriage, the process can be longer and require increased disclosures before the court, but is often the correct strategy when there are complicated issues and/or the spouses are unwilling or unable to cooperate with one another.

Legal Help in Your Florida Divorce Action

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