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Divorce is often an emotionally wrenching experience as spouses adjust to a new reality and living situation apart from an ex-spouse, but, in many cases, the financial implications of a divorce can last far beyond the time that it takes the emotional wounds to heal. Simply put, divorce is often one of the biggest, if not the biggest, financial event you will ever go through in your adult life. And, because divorce can be such an unsettling and unusual time of emotional upheaval, it is important to have a trusted advisor at your side to make sure you are taking the steps necessary to protect yourself through financial planning during all aspects of a divorce. The Law Offices of Ira M. Marcus, P.A. is here to not only provide legal counsel during your divorce but also to assist you in financial planning during and following a divorce to get you on the road to financial prosperity.

Property Division

In your divorce, you and your spouse will need to work together to create an agreement regarding the division of all marital property, or else the court will make this decision for you. We will work with you to make sure all property held by your spouse is properly accounted for, valued, and disclosed, and that you receive your just share under Florida law.


Alimony can be a significant financial drain for the person paying it following a divorce as well as a huge financial benefit for the person receiving it. We will work with you to determine your potential alimony liability or right to alimony under Florida law so that you are in the best financial position following a divorce.

Child Support

When one parent is taking more of a role than the other in raising a child following a divorce, and/or there is a difference in income between the two parents, child support is often a significant financial factor that can persist for many years. We will work with you to plan for your child-raising expenses, needs, and/or liabilities following divorce.

Business Continuation

If you or your spouse owns or is a part owner of a business, a divorce can have a significant impact on who owns what and how that business will be managed following a divorce. We will work with you to properly plan for business-related issues following a divorce and take the steps necessary to protect your financial interests.

Without a doubt, going through a divorce in Florida can have a profound impact on both your immediate and long-term financial future. Your ongoing relationship with your children will be largely defined by the results of your divorce proceedings. Given that a Florida family court judge has such immense power to shape both your relationship with your children, and your financial future, it is critically important you work with a Florida divorce attorney who will guide you towards the best possible outcome in either settlement or at trial.

Proven Experience

The Marcus name has been representing individuals in challenging divorce matters across Florida for over four decades, and family law attorney Ira Marcus continues this legacy.

A Focus on Your Future

Our mission is to make sure that your rights and interests and needs are fully represented in settlement, arbitration, or divorce trial, and we are committed to achieving the results you desire.

How We Help

The divorce process in Florida encompasses a wide range of issues, all of which will be determined in settlement or at trial. At The Law Offices of Ira M. Marcus, P.A., we will guide you in reaching your goals in the following areas:


Child Custody
Parenting Plans / Time-sharing
Financial Planning for Divorce

Protect Your Rights

Three of the most important financial issues you will face in a divorce are 1) how your “marital property” (meaning property earned or acquired during the marriage) will be divided between you and your spouse; 2) how much alimony, if any, will be paid from one spouse to another following the divorce and for what period of time; and 3) the amount of child support owed or received.

Attorney Ira Marcus will work with you to achieve the most favorable outcomes on the above issues, as well as in all child custody matters, to help you realize your best possible outcome.

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